Wish you weren't stuck in a rut? Want things to change for the better and need a refresher? Try some of these things that "successful" people do and all before 8am!

  • 1

    Don't Take Forever To Do Things...

    DON'T PROCRASTINATE! If you have one task that you're dreading it'll loom over your entire day. Stop procrastinating. Schedule your day so that it STARTS with the hard stuff and ends easy not the other way around.

  • 2

    Think That You Are Great

    If you think it, you can be it! It's basically the fundamentals of meditation. Try it!

  • 3


    It may seem so juvenile, but make a schedule for yourself. Buy a planner! Even if it's not such a busy day, still map out things you need to get done and start checking them off!

  • 4

    Don't Forget The First Meal Of The Day

    Don't rush out of the door. As easy as it is, don't start your day without food. This will make or break your energy level.

  • 5

    Work Out

    This is simple. Gets the blood flowing, the metabolism going and will jumpstart your brain. Also, it's good for you! Even a 5am run will do the trick. Don't knock it until you try it!