Alright, I thought we all agreed to lay low at the beginning of 2021?

Nope. Not for some angry El Pasoans.

Luckily, our very own TMZ, FitFam El Paso, and their followers are ready to call out these angry, rude, heartless, and whatever other words you want to call them locals.

The first one features a woman many may have dealt with before. An angry customer who just won't stop even if they are on camera. As someone who has worked retail and frozen yogurt, you see these all the time. I hope the employee is doing well after this incident.

According to some comments on FitFam's Instagram, this woman has been spotted doing this at multiple El Paso businesses.

Now the latest video was submitted to FitFam by a neighbor of a local daycare. Seriously, it is intense and we can only go by what is being recorded. Just think what you would do if you heard this happening almost every day, right in your backyard.

Many are thanking this guy for confronting the neighbor, but if he wants actual changes to happen at this daycare, he needs to rally the parents of those who attend. I continue to see multiple people sharing info on Facebook for people to investigate, so it looks like this is the start of a social media investigation.

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