I love El Paso History and I love finding out about different aspects of our city. History isn't just about buildings and neighborhoods. It's also about people and the things they did for recreation.

This weekend, you can find out about the long history of racing in El Paso. El Pasoans have been challenging each other to races in everything from the first two horseless carriages in 1896 to 700-plus-horsepower, factory-built muscle cars.

Chris Babcock, the editor of El Paso Herald Post online, is crazy knowledgeable about the history of racing in El Paso. Back in 2012, he curated the first “Modern History” exhibit, 100 Years of Racing in The Borderland, at the El Paso Museum of History. Babcock is a third-generation El Paso racer and will not only be taking you through the history of racing in the Sun City, but will be taking your comments and questions as well.

The best thing about this walk, or drive, down El Paso racing history is that it is free. Check out the talk and then walk around the El Paso County Historical Society's Burges House headquarters after.

WHAT: A History of Auto Racing in El Paso
WHEN: Saturday, May 19, 1 p.m.
WHERE: El Paso County Historical Society, Burges House, 603 W. Yandell
INFO: (915) 533-3603

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