Coming to a theater near you is "Manos:The Hands Of Fate", quite possibly the worst film ever made!! In 1966, Harold Warren, an insurance and fertilizer salesman from El Paso, Texas produced the film as a result of a bet. He starred in it, along with El Paso natives Tom Neyman and John Reynolds. With no experience in filmmaking and a budget of 19 thousand dollars, the movie premiered at the Capri Theater, Downtown on November 15th, 1966. It was attended by the then mayor of El Paso, Judson F. Williams and other local dignitaries. Shortly after the film began, the audience began to laugh at it's poor quality and redundant dialogue. The film ended with the crowd throwing their shoes toward the screen. In 1993, Mystery Science Theater got a copy of the movie, and it became a "cult" classic !! If you would like to see this movie on the big screen, Fathom Events will be showing it at Cinemark: Cielo Vista Mall 14 and Cinemark: Tinseltown on Thursday, August 16th at 7pm.

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