Are you feeling the force… the force of Love that is?! If you are, it's probably because today is May 4th AKA Star Wars Day!

What exactly is Star Wars Day? I’m glad you asked, because I had to ask too just to make sure it was a real thing and although it’s not an official holiday, to some it is!

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day that celebrates the Star Wars franchise that first began back in 1977.

Businesses throw Star Wars parties or offer some pretty sweet Star Wars themed deals or food, fans wear their favorite Star Wars t-shirts or costumes but most importantly, the phrase “May the Force Be With You” is uttered at least 100 times throughout the day!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, or not, try some of these Star Wars-related Pick-Up lines to find your Princess Leia or Yoda!

mike/Walt Disney Studios
mike/Walt Disney Studios

Star Wars Pick-Up Lines:

  • Is your name Baby Yoda? Because you-da-one for me.
  • I’d definitely join the dark side as long as you were there.
  • Leia’s buns ain’t got nothing on yours, baby.
  • Will you be the Leia to my Han so I won’t have to be Solo?
  • You stole my heart like the Republic stole the Death Star plans.
  • Hey, are you the force?! Cause I’m attracted to you!

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