As of right now El Pasoans who have received or waiting to receive a COVID vaccine must get two doses from either Moderna’s or Pfizer’s formula but there’s a possibility of that changing in the near future.

Johnson and Johnson has been working on a single-dose coronavirus vaccine and have officially applied to have the Food and Drug Administration approve its use.  The FDA will now begin the process of reviewing J&J’s application, but it is not clear as to when they will make a decision one way or another.

This third possible vaccine has shown promising results so far and all indications are that it is safe while also providing adequate protection against COVID-19.  With that said, those preliminary results also indicate that it still falls a bit short of the protection that the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna currently provide.

As people here in El Paso and across the country anxiously await being inoculated against COVID, a third option will definitely go a long way towards increasing the overall number of doses available and decreasing current projections for when everybody who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated.  I’m sure many would also welcome not having to be poked a second time.

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