The popular tween store Claire's is receiving some heat from the public as they have refused to comply with a recall, issued by the Food an Drug Administration back in 2017. Makeup companies are not required by the FDA to register their ingredients or products on their official website, so it is no surprise Claire's doesn't want to make this recall a big deal The FDA just started warning customers about reports from 2017.

According to KFOX, the FDA is warning Claire's customers about reports of asbestos in products sold by their stores. Claire's hasn't issued the recall but they have pulled these three products from their stores.

Claire's hasn't commented on the recall or the report but the FDA wants to point out that they do not have the power to force a recall by a store. Asbestos fibers can cause cancer for those who are exposed during a long period of time. Make sure to check your child's makeup and throw those out if you have them.

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