On Saturday night, during a Breast Cancer Awareness concert, one overly touchy fan grabbed Harry Styles' crotch. He jumped very close to the front row, while he was performing, then was attacked. He handled the incident like a professional, and continued focusing on the performance.

While some Twitter users are still socially attacking the girl, who we don't know, through harsh tweets, many are awaiting Harry's comments on the incident. During a time when sexual assault discussions have been going on, due to shocking stories coming out of Hollywood, this incident starts a whole new one towards fans and artists. Many fans on Twitter have defended Harry by stressing the point of fame not being consent.

Many fans have crossed the line with celebrities, including a similar incident with Tim McGraw. During a concert with both Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, a fan grabbed Tim's crotch. While Tim walked away, an outraged Faith Hill lectured the fan to respect her husband and her.

Fans may be ecstatic about being close to their favorite artist, but the respect for these people needs to always be the main priority in their chaotic mind. No matter the situation, make sure to respect your artists and yourself. You don't want to be face a lawsuit over something so childish and disgusting.

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