The unique perk about living on, near, or around the mountain is the animals. There is another El Paso resident that has quite the view and the special visitors. Before I once shared about an El Paso woman's guests she would catch in her backyard.

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Mrs. Johnson has a lot of pride and joy when it comes to her occasional guests. She lives in the Central part of town off Alabama Street with quite the view. Imagine being able to have a cup of coffee watching deer enjoy the city view from your home?

Heck, even on the Westside of town I have experienced my fair share of deer bump-ins. One night after leaving work I spotted a deer on Piedmont Drive, I had to park and take a picture. Piedmont Drive leads you to Scenic Drive from the Westside.

But that wasn't the last of my deer encounters over the years. There have even been times I witnessed deer trying to cross N. Mesa St. during the late crazy hours. An El Paso man who lives above a lot of us on Crazycat Mountain has had all sorts of surprising guests.

Jesus Carrillo mentioned he sees foxes and deer frequently outside around his home. But the picture he captured of a fox enjoying the El Paso view is incredible. Besides the view, having foxes and deer is the best perk about living on Crazycat Mountain. This photograph is proof foxes also enjoy the El Paso view just as much as you do.

Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo

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