Eve is not a fan of Nicki’s PAPER Magazine cover. The pair worked together on Barbershop and Eve explains that she feels that Nicki is a “very nice girl and an amazing rapper” but that in her own experience that young girls will always look up to female popstars and whether or not you are interested in being a role model; is comes with the territory.

A lot of the comments under the video are fans of Nicki Minaj coming for Eve because she has been vocal about her stripper past. Eve goes on to talk about how aging has made her more understanding and unaccepting of using her body to relay her message but prefers to be an uplifting voice to impressionable minds. Eve is clear that she understands that Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie” fan base will be sending her hate-tweets and so on but she insists that there is a way to be provocative without bringing it “down to this level.”
The rest of the staff on the The Talk chime in on the subject of Nicki Minaj’s racy photos all agreeing with Eve’s perspective about how “pornographic” photoshoots can compromise an artist's reputation and that it’s not an original route being that artists like Madonna have already used sex to sell their products.

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