As the big UTEP vs. Arizona game approaches, ESPN reporters are coming into El Paso ready to work. For preparation for the game, it seems like some of the reporters are doing their research at Chico's Tacos.

The lovely Molly McGrath, a ESPN sideline reporter and host shared this video of her enjoying what looks like two single orders of tacos. Which one single order has three tacos, so she had about six soaked tacos. Unless those are double orders than she had twelve. I am not even going to try to calculate how many fries she had.

Molly wasn't alone as she made sure to mention her lunch buddies, fellow ESPN employees Dusty Dvoracek and Adam Amin. In total, the superstar team had 18 tacos and a good time.

Some of the comments even featured her buddies sharing their opinion on their taco adventure.

I just hope Chico's treated them well and didn't live up to some bathroom rumors.

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