Scammers are trying to get into people’s houses by offering home improvement and gardening services, but the El Paso Police department says what they really want is to get into your house and at your stuff.

In the past week, there have been at least two incidents in which elderly residents have been approached by two men asking if they need yard work done.

When they get into the backyard to prune trees or do some other type of work, one of the men distracts the homeowner while another gets into the home and steals their belongings.

Police say you should always be cautious when someone shows up to your home unsolicited by you offering any kind of home improvement services.

If you are approached by someone offering those types of services, police say take note of their description, the vehicle they’re in, a license plate number if possible, and the direction they are traveling before you call them either at 9-1-1 or their non-emergency number of 832-4400.

This same scam was popping up after a house fire in the Cielo Vista area and people were showing up at homes saying they worked for the El Paso Electric Company.