Less than three weeks ago news about the filing of a fraud lawsuit against the El Paso Independent School District Superintendent and the former president of the district's school board was reported. Juan Cabrera and Dori Fenenbock were accused of bilking investors in California of $5 million to start an online school. They allegedly took the investors money but didn't return it when they said they would, blah blah blah blah.

You know, seriously. I feel like the past two superintendents have ridden into El Paso twirling their mustaches and laughing like cartoon bad guy Snidely Whiplash and the people we elect to the EPISD Board of Trustees are sitting there, blinded by who knows what and they hire someone who almost immediately begins to show their true colors. Cabrera was notorious for not showing up at EPISD's graduation ceremonies, always being out of town for speaking engagements while hardly engaging with parents or teacher at the district. And now we find out that he, allegedly, was trying to start a school that would directly compete with the district in which he was employed. If you want to read all the sordid, alleged, details, click here. I'm tired of writing about them.

I'm also super tired, as a taxpayer, of writing large checks every year to a school board that continues to hire alleged shysters who are not able to see that when you hire people who travel the country and switch jobs every few years after saddling taxpayers with ridiculously large bond elections you are asking for this kind of thing. When will our school boards start looking at local people to run our districts?

I'm not saying that just because they are from El Paso they aren't going to be alleged shysters, but we will know a lot more about them because this is a small town. We need to stop putting our taxpayer money in the hands of people who show up, don't do their job allegedly, and then take off after they've put a few bond election feathers in their caps and get hired to do the same at some other school district.

Are you surprised that this happened at EPISD? I'm not and I'm sick of it.

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