When we were in school there was no such thing as a school uniform. Kids wore what they wanted and kids who wore school uniforms were immediately identifiable as going to a private school. We felt sorry for them but really we should have felt sorry for our parents. Clothes are expensive and they can also lead to a kid getting teased and even bullied if they aren't wearing the "right" clothes or non-name brand clothes. Kids are tough and if they think that you don't fit in because of the shoes or clothes you wear, school can be tough.

A couple of decades ago school districts decided that in order to prevent bullying they would have their students wear uniforms. It was sold to parents as a way to prevent bullying and keep costs down because no one would be wearing the "wrong" clothes. Kids hated it when the policy was first enacted but now it's normal for them. The El Paso Independent School District has decided to relax their uniform policy this year and this is what you need to know.


The school district says they want to "ease the financial burden the return to classes may create on families for elementary and middle schools". They will now allow students to wear jeans in addition to the regular school uniform khakis. The jeans can not have tears or holes in them, however, so that leaves a lot of the "fashionable" jeans out of the running.

Students can now wear school T-shirts or T-shirts with the school colors in addition to polo style shirts. High schools will continue to use the approved dress code for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. You should check with your school to see that dress code policy. EPISD officials know that there are bound to be questions if you need clarification on the uniform or dress code policies, just contact your child’s school and they can answer any questions you might have.

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