Remember back in the day when you used to take your lunch to school in a brown paper bag? You probably had a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise, an apple, and maybe a bag of chips. It's a wonder we didn't all die of food poisoning from eating mayo that had been out of the fridge for hours in the El Paso heat. We all survived our old-school school lunches, but nowadays, kids have to be entertained at lunch. They get all kinds of cool stuff we never did.

You should go and check out your kid's cafeteria one of these days. Chances are they have a lot of choices you didn't. Some schools have the traditional cafeteria, an a la carte area, and even vending machines that your beasties can choose from. But on EPISD's elementary school menu, some parents have been wondering what a 'munchangle' is.

As you can see in the graphic from their website, on Tuesdays, kids can get munchangles at the deli. I called the district and asked what the heck a munchangle is and they chuckled a little and said it's a smaller sandwich that is cut into triangles.

Yup. That's it. Smaller sandwiches cut into triangles. Mystery solved.

Who wants to go get something to eat?

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