A group of EPCC students are making sure the deaf community isn’t being overlooked and overburdened during the COVID-19 pandemic by producing and making clear face masks.

Being able to see the movements of a person’s mouth and their facial expressions as well as having theirs be seen is a vital component of effective communication for the deaf or hard of hearing.

After seeing the idea on social media, Gloria Vidal and her peers with the EPCC Social Work Club rolled up their sleeves and got to work producing masks that provide protection by helping slow the spread of coronavirus while also being see through enough to make more of a person’s face visible and allow for better communication.

The EPCC students began distributing these masks to some very thankful people here in El Paso and once word spread, the Social Work Club began receiving requests from Austin, San Antonio, and even the West Coast to have some masks mailed out.  As of now, they’ve been able to produce approximately 70 masks, but are continuing to make as many of these masks as possible.

The staff at Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions were especially thankful for receiving some of these masks!

You can get information on making or acquiring some of these masks or donating to the EPCC Social Work Club so they can continue their amazing and thoughtful work, you can contact them via their Facebook page or by calling Gloria Vidal at 915-831-2469.

Make sure to let them know how awesome the work their doing is and encourage them to take a well-deserved bow!

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