You know, even in a pandemic, people need entertainment, and even though gentlemen's clubs provide a specific kind of entertainment, they shouldn't be shut down as long as they are following COVID-19 safety guidelines. That was the word from half of El Paso City Council and Mayor Dee Margo during yesterday's regular City Council meeting.

Some city reps were arguing about imposing stricter guidelines in the wake of the skyrocketing COVID-19 numbers in El Paso. City Rep Peter Svarzbein, among others, wanted to restrict all restaurants to take-our or drive-thru for the next two weeks in an effort to slow down the rate of COVID-19 infections. Restaurants have a 22% infection rate according to City released information about contact tracing. Retail outlets have a 37% infection rate according to the City. Strip clubs aren't even on the list, but for some reason, Svarzbein and three other city reps put shutting them down on the City Council meeting agenda.

City reps Sam Morgan, Isabel Salcido, Claudia Rodriguez and Cissy Lizarraga all vote against the agenda item and with four city reps who voted for it, that meant it was down to Mayor Dee Margo to break the vote. He voted in favor of allowing strip clubs to remain open, but not because he wants to make sure the girls keep making their college tuition money. He said there are laws that need to be followed, and allowing the to stay open as long as face masks, social distancing (not sure how that's going to work), and other safety guidelines are being met, then the main stage won't have to go dark.

We're not sure why Svarzbein thinks that strip clubs need to close, but seriously dude, it's not even on the list and a girl has to eat. Maybe you should be looking at the activity at retail outlets. They seem to be pretty grubby. Leave Sinnmon and Jazmin alone, will ya?

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