Eminem’s New Music Video Featuring Beyonce is for his single called Walk on Water has finally arrived. The pair dropped the song a few months ago as the lead single off of Eminem’s newest effort titled Revival. The visual for Walk on Water had a lot of momentum as the song features two of the biggest pop stars of this generation. Unfortunately for the Beyhive which is the cluster of Beyonce’s internet fans who have given themselves a name, their queen does not appear in the video only to disappoint some fans even further. Many reviews of the song itself praised the artistry and chemistry between the two artists but a lot of fans thought the song was lackluster as a lead single. The music video does feature Eminem; a lot of Eminem’s actually sitting side by side and typing on a typewriter which suggest the process of his songwriting. When the video is coming to a close, Eminem is featured on stage in an auditorium with people in the audience and then the shot continues to his rapping with nobody observing. Watch the video for Walk on Water below:

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