Beyonce has had an interesting few years with her latest album Lemonade having gone number one and being nominated for Album of the Year at last year’s Grammy awards. She was the headliner at the Superbowl and then joined Coldplay and Bruno Mars the following year. Interesting enough (and I know the beyhive is going to hate me for this) she hasn’t had a number one single in almost 10 years. If I’m not mistaken, the last time Bey was on a number one song, the song wasn’t even hers but Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” where Beyonce is a featured artist. Staying in the spotlight isn't out of the ordinary for Beyonce who was recently announced as a castmember for the live action remake of The Lion King where she will be voicing the character “Nala.” The queen of surprise albums is now also the queen of surprise features! Eminem released a new song called “Walk on Water” and surprise!! Beyonce is on the hook! My review includes that I don’t think the song should be a single but sounds more like an opening track to an Eminem album. Hear the song below and decide for yourself if the single will create the same magic as Gaga’s Telephone or Eminem’s “The Monster” along with Rihanna which were massive hits!

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