Look around your house and what do you see?  Furniture, TVs, walls and a roof.  Recently, we got word of an elderly couple who are living without the last two things.  Yeah - No roof.  No walls.
Media outlets get a lot of requests for help, and we understand that there is a lot of need in our community, but take a look at these pictures.  This isn't need - this is desperate.
Real estate ads often tout the "open spaces" of new homes, but the elderly man and woman who live in this, I guess you could call it a home, live literally under the "open space" of a missing roof and walls.  They deal with the heat, the humidity, the winds and dirt, and the threat of being injured by animals or people that have complete access to their home.  They can't open a window to get a little fresh air, or close the door for safety against the outside world - there's no point in doing either - you can walk through the gaping holes where walls should be.
We ask our listeners for their help a few times throughout the year - the Easter Basket Drive, Stuff The Bus, even for bicycle donations last year when the Child Crisis Center had their's stolen, and you've amazed us with your generosity every time.  We really do have the best listeners.  Period.
I'm going to ask again.  We need to help this little, old couple sleep in a home that doesn't look like this.
We're not asking for the Taj Mahal, we're just asking for a little help to enclose their very small space.  If you can help us, or have a business that can afford to donate materials and expertise, please, PLEASE, contact us here at the station.
We'll help swing the hammers or whatever is needed to make this happen.  Imagine your grandparents living like this.  Please help.  Thank you.