El Paso singing sensation Khalid is getting another turn on national television next month. The recently-turned 21-year-old Americas High grad is scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live March 9.

SNL announced his appearance via social media Wednesday (2/20) tweeting a photo of a pin board with the dates and the names of the hosts and musical guests written on index cards, and the caption, “Coming to SNL in March”.

The 5-time Grammy nominee re-tweeted the announcement and replied with several ‘loudly crying face’ emojis often used to convey intense feelings, such as overwhelming joy.

No word yet on which songs he’ll be performing or how many, although typically the musical guest does two to three musical numbers. Khalid’s second full-length album is due to be released in April so it’s likely he’ll sing Talk, which was recently released as the lead single of the as-yet-untitled sophomore effort.

This week, Talk rose to #2 on the Hot R&B Songs chart behind Better from his Suncity EP making El Paso’s Music Ambassador© just the third artist to do that, according to Billboard. Drake and The Weeknd are the only other acts to rule Nos. 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Although not an El Paso native – Khalid and his mother moved here in 2015 -- El Paso is where he's said he was "born creatively" and so El Paso is the place he reps and calls home.

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