Who would have thought that being a car salesman would also include having some amazing dance moves!

If you haven’t seen the entertaining TikTok videos from a few local Casa Nissan car salesmen then you’re missing out on a good laugh! (And btw we're laughing with them, not at them!)

Anthony Christmas, Franz Duarte, and Charlie Barkemeyer call themselves the Casa Nissan Boys and they use their free time at work to create hilarious TikTok videos that also serve as marketing material and honestly, Why didn’t I think of that?!

“Anthony and I will come up with the ideas,” said Casa Nissan car salesman Franz Duarte. “But Mike Marrufo is the man behind the lens. He makes it come to life with his skills.”

The hilarious videos feature all three Nissan Boys showing off their dancing skills either at work or at work events.

Their first TikTok video features them dancing to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams while rocking Cowboy outfits complete with a cowboy hat, belt buckle, and boots.

The video first zooms in dramatically on Charlie, then Anthony, and finally Franz. I thought I had my dramatic look down but after seeing their dramatic stares into the camera I think I need to get some acting classes!

The video then shows all three guys thrusting their hips and showing off their in sync dancing skills with the Nissan sign right behind them. Some would call that PERFECT product placement and on point marketing!

The Casa Nissan Boys followed up that video with another TikTok showing them dancing at a golf course to Don Omar’s Danza Kuduro, and their most recent video features them casually swaying side to side at different locations throughout the dealership with the caption on the video reading, “Nissan Boys Coming In HOT.” I'm surprised fire officials weren't called in after that video!

The comments section for all their videos is full of laughing emojis, people complimenting their dance moves and one commenter even asked, “Is there ever gonna be a calendar of the Nissan boys because take my money!”

While most comments are positive there are a few bad apples who obviously don’t have a sense of humor.

“The feedback is crazy,” said Franz. “Some people hate but mostly love our charisma and what we do which is putting a smile on people’s faces.”

In my opinion, the Casa Nissan Boys have found a pretty creative way to do some marketing while having fun and putting a smile on people’s faces and for Franz, that’s all that matters!

“We just want to let everyone know that we really are “The Nice Guys,” said Franz.

The Nissan Boys even showed off their dance skills at the Tuff Hedeman halftime show back in February!

Give these guys a raise and their own dancing show ASAP! And BTW this isn’t an AD, I just genuinely enjoy people who know how to laugh at themselves in order to put a smile on another person’s face because laughter is always the best medicine!

CBS4 Morning Team

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