The heat is on and so are the cravings for a piled high Clamato or maybe an ice-cold frothy Michelada – let’s break it down.


Clamato's are nothing new around here but up until recently did their popularity become more mainstream. Where once only a Bloody Mary set up’s held their own, Clamato concoctions have now evolved into these elaborate multi-ingredient cocktails with bacon, olives, seafood and so much more. They essentially become more than a cocktail and quickly turn into a meal.

The art and appeal of the Clamato are all dependent on the drinker and its creator – some like them spicy, others not so much. Yet the savory Clamato taste is prominent throughout the crimson cocktail while paired with its beer counterpart.

As a summer quencher, Clamato’s are a hands-down fan favorite that can easily be made at home, or may I suggest trying one at some of El Paso’s favorite Clamato hot spots like Classico or Dayvasos.


While Clamato's are good and tasty my go-to summer beer set up has to be a classic Michelada.

Nothing is as refreshing to me as an ice-cold glass filled with ice and real lime juice rimmed with lime and salt, followed by a frothy beer. Micheladas just screams summer with its tart citrus flavor enhancing the fizziness of the beer.

While there are various ways to make a Michelada – it can also be prepared with beer, lime juice, and sometimes, spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass.

Whichever you opt for, both Clamato's and Micheladas are equally thirst-quenching during a summer heatwave.

What’s your take El Paso – Do you prefer Clamato's or Micheladas, as your summer beer set up?


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