An electronic music festival in Mexico turned deadly when a man opened fire, killing five people and injuring 15. Investigators in Mexico say the shooting happened after a disagreement between people inside the club.

Two El Pasoans were caught in the terrifying incident and spoke to NewsChannel 9 about their experiences.

Angelina Orozco says she was inside the Blue Parrot night club in Playa del Carmen when shots rang out over the music. Orozco says she and others thought the gun shots were fireworks at first, but when she realized what was going on, she ran to the back of the club, jumped a fence, and ran towards the beach.
She was able to let her family and friends know through social media that she was ok.

Another El Pasoan, Marcos Vasquez was with his girlfriend at a club next door when they saw a stampede of people in the street. Vasquez and his girlfriend hid in the bathroom with eight other people for what seemed like hours to them in terror as they heard what was happening outside the door.

Both Vasquez and Orozco say they plan to head back home to El Paso soon, but Orozco says she doesn’t know if she would ever go back.

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