Let’s say you won one of the half-billion-dollar jackpots you’ve heard and read so much about this week; what’s the first frivolous thing or service you’d buy?

It’s a question we posed on-air on Mike and Tricia Mornings and online after discussing Tricia’s running pledge to reunite Steve Perry with his old band Journey for a one-time performance in El Paso.

Of course, you would first do the things you’re supposed to do like pay off all your debt, take care of family, donate some to charity, save for your future, etc, and then you’d purchase that one thing or service that was always out of your financial reach when you were making just enough to get by.

Hiring a live-in/daily/weekly housekeeper or a personal chef, trainer, or masseuse was at the top of the list for many who replied, and you can’t really argue with that. Mamma needs more me-time, you know?

Here’s a sampling of some of the more interesting and way more frivolous things Mike and Tricia Facebook fans say they would drop mad coin on:

Qnz M. Sarita
The house nextdoor to me for my newly hired housekeeping staff

Frank Hielscher
I would open up a Starbucks in my living room with my personal barista.

Vanessa G
Steaks! The big ones! And Whataburger.

Janell Kurtz Koesel
A bath tub big enough for my knees and boobs to be underwater at the same time!

Jeannette Perez-Lara
A Kardashian face redesign

Oh, gawd. Well, hopefully not Kim's ugly crying face. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the corner store to purchase a Quick Pick or two. Here’s hoping I can prove money can buy happiness. And lots and lots of name brand, two-ply toilet paper.

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