Let’s pretend you won the Mega Millions jackpot you’ve heard and read so much about this week.

Most big money winners would likely buy their dream home, take a dream vacation, pay off debt, take care of family, donate some to charity, save for your future, etc.

But what’s the least lavish, most frivolous thing you'd go big on now that you're swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck?

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We asked, and topping off the gas tank instead of putting in just a buck or two here and there came up a lot.

Hiring a daily or weekly housekeeper or a personal chef was at the top of the list for many who replied, too, and you can’t really argue with that. Mamma needs more me-time, you know?

Here are a few other not-so-lavish things fellow El Pasoans said they would drop mad coin on:

Pile of Money
Ingram Publishing

Robert K Guillen
Prices milk, Good bye Albertsons brand.

Jaime Padilla
I would like to order a double from Chico’s, with the cheese they used to have

Lisa Romero
I’d buy a llama

They are adorbs. Word to the wise, though: never get into a spitting contest with a llama.

Greg Lippert/Unsplash
Greg Lippert/Unsplash

Norma Madrid - Martinez
I’d buy all Disney decor for Christmas and all Peanuts decor for Halloween

Mark Amaro
All white meat at KFC.

Lucy Lucy
Weekly mobile car wash

Enid R Flores
No looking at prices tags or menu prices

Manny Parra
Ice from Sonic…delivered by penguins.

Yaas! Sonic ice is the most satisfying ice to chew on ever invented by man. I love Sonic ice like a Leopard Seal loves penguins.

Sonic Drive-In Facebook
Sonic Drive-In Facebook

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the corner store to purchase a Quick Pick or two. Here’s hoping I can prove money can buy happiness. And lots and lots of name-brand 2-ply toilet paper.

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