Chicks did scars, right? That is something that can be heard in many pop cultures movie or television clips. You might have even owned a sticker or shirt that says that.

Well, chicks also get scars. Almost everyone has a scar. Big, little, weird, scars come in all shapes and sizes.

I have about four scars with decent stories on how I got them. The most bizarre scar I have will forever live on my chin.

Back in high school, I believe I was a junior or a senior, I decided to goof around in my major sports class. This was my workout class for being in volleyball. I am not sure what the proper name of the tool I was using for my workout is called but it was basically a piece of wood wrapped in a carpet.

The point of the exercise was to hold on to that piece of carpet and slide it across the gym, pushing with your legs. My best friend Kim and I decided to race with these little wooden things to make the workout go quickly. Just as we were about to finish, I strived to be the winner and decided to throw myself across the finish line.

When I threw myself, I actually slide my chin across the floor. Throwing my arms out, my chin hit first. As it slid across the finish line, the skin and muscles pulled back and ripped open a piece of my chin. As blood started gushing out of my chin, I guess the adrenaline kicked in and I couldn't feel a thing. I was just concerned about celebrating my win.

My best friend just stared at me speechless. I thought she was being a sore loser when really, she was terrified of all the blood. I finally realized what was going on as my friend just kept touching her chin, which caused me to touch my chin and then rushed to the nurse's office.

Twelve stitches later, I have a pretty thick scar on my chin. The only pain that comes from it now is if a pimple gets in that area. It feels so brutal.

Some of our awesome listeners shared their stories with us and we put them all together for you in this awesome gallery.

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