PoppyFest 2019

El Pasoans flocked to the 13th Annual Poppies Fest 2019 to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of local eats set up all along the poppies on Transmountain. After the 40 minute wait for a shuttle, taking a walk was the perfect way to stretch my legs and control the anxious kids. I was able to take my family out to the event but we were a little sad to see not so many poppies. Not sure if it was due to the early spring weather, but I really expected to see poppies covering the whole area.

The poppies I did get to see were beautiful and were just enough to help me feel like I was at a festival for poppies. Tons of local vendors lined the area by the El Paso Museum of Archeology and were ready to showcase their goods to the public. I walked away with some really cool stickers, beef jerky and homemade jam because you can't leave poppy fest without supporting local vendors.

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