As the country continues to deal with a new life of Quarantined communities, El Pasoans are taking advantage of everyone being indoors.

Starting at 11:59 p.m. on March 24th, the City and County Officials of El Paso will enforce a Stay at Home Order on El Pasoans. This means El Pasoans who are not essential to the thriving functions of society should stay at home.

Doesn't matter if you think you are essential, there are guidelines to this and you should follow them.

With that in mind, El Pasoans have been practicing social distancing over at the Franklin Mountains. Many have taken to the poppy-covered mountains to take some time to relax. While you can still go out and relax with the poppies, please respect the City and County order. If you do go out there please respect the poppies.

I have already seen some people picking and rolling in the poppies and I think the flowers would prefer you to leave them alone too. I get it, you need new Instagram photos, but please, respect Mother Earth. Let the poppies be.

As you start contemplating risking going to the poppies, check out some El Pasoans who are already trying to become Quarantine famous from these poppy-filled photoshoots.

El Pasoans in the Poppies

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