Snow blanketed parts of El Paso Tuesday morning (01/26) after a cold front rolled in overnight resulting in a wintry mix, the likes of which we probably won’t see again this winter.

Mostly because an El Paso winter is not like the winter other parts of the U.S. experience. We don’t usually measure El Paso snow falls in feet. Typically, it’s more like “a blanketing,” or “a dusting”. Around here snow is like the sexy time; you never know when you might get some or how long it will last. But, hey, a snow day is a snow day.

Though there wasn't much accumulation, that didn't stop many of us from chronicling what we did get with a photo or two before it melted away.

We asked our listeners to share photos of this rare desert sight and the snow-covered scenery they woke up to. The majestic Franklins was a popular subject, as you'll see.

Snow Place Like Home: El Paso Jan. 2021

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