Here are a few more listener ghost stories that were experienced at three different El Paso schools.

After sharing a list of the 13 most haunted schools in the El Paso area earlier last month, listeners began to send in their own personal ghost stories that they themselves had witnessed.

Two of these stories were submitted by anonymous El Pasoans, one taking place at Kelly Hall at UTEP and the other at Hillside Elementary. The last story, submitted by Roman, tells of his ghostly encounter at Ysleta High School.

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UTEP / Kelly Hall

"Hauntings at UTEP are also at Kelly Hall, I used to work on the 6th floor. We experienced a few things. One other person and I heard voices coming from the break room and when opened the door, no one was there. If you research a young female student who committed suicide in that building when it a dorm back in the 60s, 70s. More things happened in the building. Felt things."  - Anonymous

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Hillside Elementary

"Hillside elementary has ghosts too, I’ve heard kids giggle in the early morning with light switches turning off and on and spotted by parents and police officers that happen to pass by late at night. A whole class of kids has also seen an apparition of a custodian that passed and they didn’t even know him. They described him to a tee and also saw him go through the wall." - Anonymous

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Ysleta High School

"In my junior year in high school, I was one of the student council Vice Presidents and we went to a leadership camp in July at Baylor Univ. in Waco, Tx. We returned early and it was a typical monsoon evening. All the students went inside to call their parents to let them know we had already arrived. A friend and I stayed behind to clean up the mess in the van. We finished up and walked the long hall to the middle of our school to make our calls to our parents. Our student activities director said “hold up, I am done in here too. We can walk out together.”  My friend Patti, Mr. Sandlin, and I walked out of his office and by now the long hallways of Ysleta high school were pitch black and all you could see was the red exit signs. As we walked by the side auditorium door, we heard a child giggle. We all know the story of the ghost in the auditorium and I had never believed it. All three of us stopped and stood still. Mr. Sandlin asked us if we heard that. We said yes. He asked what we heard and we said a kid laughing or giggling. He looked up the staircase to our right that leads to the second floor, right in front of the side entrance to the auditorium, and said it sounded like it came from upstairs. We looked at each other like, NO IT DIDN’T!! He told us to wait there and he was going to check it out upstairs to see who was there. The minute he turned the corner and was halfway up to the second floor, we RAN the rest of the dark hallway to the doors leading out to the school(which was still a bit far).  He came out and asked why we left him and we laughed and said: “well that was scary!”  He said that there was nobody upstairs and asked us one more time, “But you guys heard that right?” And after that, I started to believe in ghosts and for sure in that Ysleta high school ghost story. 100% true story." - Roman / Tribe of 98

There are plenty of ghost stories to go around – if you have a ghost story you'd like to share, feel free to email me at

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