Halloween hasn't even happened yet, but we have snow. Maybe this happens everywhere else but in El Paso, our snow usually doesn't come around too often.

Now it is October 27th and we are seeing some serious snow flurries. Caldo is already being prepped for dinner as El Pasoans take some time to enjoy the cold surprise.

According to KVIA, this winter weather is supposed to stick around through Wednesday morning.

We asked our listeners to share their snow day photos to celebrate this rare snow day. Not sure how I feel about having more of these days before Halloween. even before Thanksgiving makes me uncomfortable.

I am not a big snow person. I love El Paso for being the Sun City and constantly bringing us the desert heat. Now, the weather gets seems to get more unpredictable every day. All we can do is enjoy the cool weather while we can.

Pretty soon, you never know when the brutal sun will be back or if we will forever be stuck with frozen roads and rain situations. Now if only the wind could just stay away completely, I could enjoy this weather.

It looks like El Pasoans didn't mind the break from the heat like I did. Check out how some of our listeners reacted to seeing snow in their neighborhood.

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WOW: Snow in El Paso in October

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