If you drive by a streetlight illuminating a purple hue in El Paso you’re not hallucinating, and no you don’t have some kind of vision problem.

“I thought they were just trying to make the Lower Valley look prettier,” commented one snarky person on social media. “I thought they were bug lights,” wrote another. No and no. Nor is it to show support for some kind of cause, either.

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Why Are There Purple Streetlights Around El Paso?

According to one of the local news stations which spoke with the City of El Paso Streets and Maintenance Transportation manager about them, the lights are actually malfunctioning, the result of a manufacturing defect.

Per the report, somewhere around 100 LED street lights across the city “have a code failure” resulting in the traditional white light glowing purple instead.

Problematic and Pretty


But, while some El Pasoans want them switched out ASAP for reasons that include safety and eye issues, others are quite fond of the purple reign.

Comments championing the black light look include:

- I like it. It's kinda peaceful
- Nothing wrong with setting the ambiance
- They make the city feel/look so cool! Give us more faulty lights
- They should leave them, they look cool and still give light
- They look better, like we’re in a horror movie

It’s Not Just Us

We’re not the only city that got hosed by the manufacturer of the bulbs. Apparently, it’s a nationwide problem. Purple streetlights have been popping up in cities all over the country for a number of years now. (Cue government tracking conspiracy theories.)

What's the City's Plan?

The City of El Paso told the news station it's going to take about six months to fix the ongoing problem.

In the meantime it's hoping they kept the receipt, and that someone had the foresight to fill out and mail in the warranty registration card so that the company will cover the replacement costs. (Just kidding. About the receipt and warranty card, not the still under warranty part.)

If not then you and me, a.k.a. taxpayers, will end up footing the bill which could run upwards of $30,000. That’s cool, we don’t pay enough taxes already …said no El Pasoan ever.

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