Food City, The family-owned supermarket that many of us grew up with is closing one of its most iconic locations this August and the people of El Paso are shedding a few tears.

Me. I’m the people of El Paso shedding a few tears. *Cries in Spanish*

Food City Supermarket, specifically the Fox Plaza location, was a staple in the El Paso area. If grandma didn’t feel like cooking it was ok because you could head to Food City and grab some amazing food that made you feel like you were eating at grandma’s house.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

From freshly made tortillas, and Chile Rellenos to some pretty amazing chicharron burritos and tamales, the food and all-around service you got from Food City were like no other!

Now, we aren’t losing all Food City store locations in El Paso. Store owners shared on their Facebook page that it was a tough decision to downsize the family-owned business from three to only two locations, but it was something they knew they had to do.

“Three generations of our family have had the pleasure of serving you at our Fox Plaza store, and we appreciate the many friendships we’ve made throughout this time. The Fox Plaza store will be closing in August, but we welcome you to our stores located at Ranchland Mall at 7444 Gateway East/Hunter and 3200 Alameda and Star."


Food City’s Fox Plaza location has been an El Paso staple for fifty years since the family-owned grocery store first opened its doors back in 1972, but the family has been in the grocery business for nearly 60 years now.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

El Pasoans React To The News:

When Food City made its announcement on Facebook the internet went crazy with some people asking store owners to close another location instead:

"Any chance to reconsider closing a different location? Fox Plaza is centrally located."

And some even shared a link to a petition that was created by a loyal Food City customer who thinks closing this location will impact a lot of students and families that live in the Barrio:

“From our little kids to our adolescent/teenager kids attending Henderson Middle school or Jefferson High School and stopping by to get some snacks as they walk to school, perhaps a bag of Takis and a Gatorade. This location, in particular, has a lot of meaning to everyone that lives in this Barrio.”


Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

The best comments for me though were the memories El Pasoans shared of the beloved Food City Fox Plaza location:

“Best memory when I was around 8 or 9 years old was taking a walk with my great grandmother early in the morning to get the fresh warm pan blanco. I was always allowed to eat one on the way home. I can still smell and taste the fresh bread at my young 53 years old.”

Some even remembered Food City by another name:

“The sign up on the roof was different and I remember there was a star in the middle. I grew up in the neighborhood in the 80s and as a kid, we didn't call it Food City we called it Big Star.”

And some had simple, but very accurate memories:



Food City Fox Plaza

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