A photo of lightning in the night sky during an El Paso Chihuahuas game is up for a major honor from Minor League Baseball. The image, titled Lightning Strikes El Paso, is one of 10 Photo of the Year in Minor League Baseball nominees.

The awe-inducing shot was captured by freelance photographer Jorge Salgado during a weather delay at Southwest University Park this past summer.

Because winners of the Minor League Baseball Yearly Awards -- or, MiLBYs -- are determined solely through online voting, El Pasoans can make it happen for Salgado with a click of the mouse.

Visit the MiLBYs website HERE and vote for the hometown pic as often as you'd like. Voting continues through Thursday, Oct. 31. It really is the best photo in the bunch. I would vote for it even if I wasn't from El Paso.

And if you totally dig the photo you can carry it with you all the time. Salgado has made it available in the form of a phone case for a pretty reasonable price.

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