Yes, this is already happening people.

Halloween decor is already out and about El Paso stores. I can't help but start spooky season once the 4th of July is over. Really, nothing else is happening until October, then Thanksgiving and Christmas come right after, very quickly.

So I need to celebrate spooky season as soon as possible. Even when it is over 100 degrees here in El Paso.

I don't care about the pumpkin spice, or changing of temperature, I care about those damn hard-to-find ghost pillows.

Emily Murillo
Emily Murillo

Using my small power of weekend radio and the KISSFM Facebook page, I asked listeners to help me find local stores that already have Halloween decor available.

As always, our listeners did not disappoint. They quickly jumped in the comment section to mention where they have seen Halloween decor so far.

Even one nail salon used this Facebook post to mention they are already doing Halloween nails if anyone is interested. I do not need the temptations, because it is all TikTok has been showing me lately. I REALLY need to find someone to do these nails for me.

@ilysmnails Stranger Things Grandfather Clock Nail Cursed Claws for Vecna@netflix #nails #nailtutorial #nailart #strangerthings #strangerthings4 ♬ original sound - ilysm Nails

Going back to Halloween decor, Alma J. let me know that At Home is already stocking shelves with all of their Halloween goodies.

Candra C. mentioned dollar tree had some Halloween decor, which is my favorite. I haven't been able to find it still, so I wish I could have got the exact locations for this one.

Emily Murillo
Emily Murillo

Susie T. mentioned my weakness, HomeGoods. I have been resisting my urges to go splurge on decor here because they have some of the cutest things.

Especially for bathroom decor this year. This cat soap dispenser is a perfect example.

Susie T via KISSFM Facebook
Susie T via KISSFM Facebook

Seriously, I need to find that damn pillow. Which I have been trying to find for over a year already. Instead of checking every time I am in El Paso, I just went ahead and ordered the newest pair of ghost pillows online.

I swear I will NOT spend any more money on Halloween decor. I really do not have any extra money for them but the temptation is so real! If only I could have a GoFundMe for Halloween decor, or if anyone wants to endorse me for it, I will totally go with it. Stay spooky my friends.

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How to Drive Into the Eastlake Butch Bros During Construction

While Amazon's distribution center continues to take over the Eastlake shoppe center, Dutch Bros Coffee is suffering from certain barriers. I attempted to access the coffee shop from one of the main entrances of the shopping center but was denied. There are orange road blocks in the way to easily access Dutch Bros.

If you miss the only entrance to the Eastlake Dutch Bros Coffee location, you will then have to turn around and go to the Rojas stop light. From there you will then have to make a U-Turn.

Be sure to pay attention because if you are not careful, you will miss the entrance again.

I spoke with an employee at Dutch Bros Coffee who said they have been dealing with construction since their grand opening and are not sure when all entrances will be open. Until then, they stay positive and extremely helpful with serving up coffee, teas, smoothies and so much more to thirsty El Pasoans.

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