El Pasoans got quite surprised while golfing at the Horizon Golf Course last week when a snake peeked out underneath a golf cart.

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Here’s the thing, I’m terrified of snakes, and I often think about those gnarly videos online of snakes popping up from toilets, car vents, shoes, or whatever may have you, and it terrifies me to think that snakes are slithering around our deserts in El Paso.

So, last week when a friend of mine shared a picture of a snake coiled underneath a golf cart, it reminded me of the time I saw a couple of McDonald’s employees wrangling a snake at the drive-thru near Vinton.

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Of course, we have snakes in El Paso - it is a desert after all, but I guess I never really thought about it until that evening a couple of years ago. As I went through the drive-through for a drink, I heard a commotion, and through my rearview mirror, I spotted a worker from McDonald’s and another employee wrangling a snake. At first, I wasn’t sure what was happening but soon realized what was going down and desperately wanted to flee the scene sans drink in hand. I didn’t drive off and instead painstakingly watched as they removed the reptile from the drive-through as if it was an ordinary daily task.

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And that is what the snake in my friend’s picture reminded me of – a snake popping up out of nowhere!

It’s not uncommon to see wildlife roaming golf courses across the city, from snakes to bunnies and much more, and according to my golfing buddies, there’s even a wolf that hangs out near the Butterfield Trail golf course in East El Paso.

Living in a desert area, we are bound to come across wildlife. So, it’s the perfect time to remind everyone to take extra caution when golfing, hiking, biking, or taking walks close to our deserts or mountainous areas, especially as we venture out more this summer.

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Snakes might be cool, and all but honestly, if I ever found one in my home or vehicle, I’d never go back inside either one of them, ever!

In case you're wondering, the snake sighting was reported to the pro shop guy at the golf course while my friend and the rest of the golfing group putted their way back to their game.

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