You know you can always count on your favorite radio station to gather up local information on new murals happening around El Paso.

Monika has been frequently updating listeners with her articles highlighting the balloon murals downtown. Those are pretty gorgeous and creative, but that is just one of many intriguing murals around El Paso.

We took to Facebook to ask El Pasoans to share where their favorite mural is. As always our lovely audience delivers their answers on our social media pages pretty quickly.

El Paso has some type of art everywhere you look. From those egg-beater-looking lights to the martini looks lamps that welcome those getting off a plane, murals are not the only thing El Paso has to offer your eyes.

Our audience knows what they like, so it is no surprise they already had some photos saved to share with us.

I gathered these photos and create a gallery to share with other listeners who may want to spend some time admiring murals they never knew they needed to see.

If you feel like sharing an El Paso mural photo of your own, feel free to do so by downloading the 93.1 KISSFM app. You can easily submit photos, videos, and even audio clips using the app.

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El Pasoans Tell Us Where Their Favorite Murals in the City Are

On the 93.1 KISSFM Facebook page, we asked listeners to share where their favorite mural in El Paso is. We had a few just tell us the location and a few who shared actual photos.

We have made a gallery of those photos that were shared with us in the comment section of this Facebook question.

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