The Eastside seems to be growing pretty rapidly with all sorts of businesses. There is a spot that is designated for a future restaurant far Eastsiders are rejoicing about.

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There are only three Texas Roadhouse locations in El Paso that far Eastside residents have to drive further out for. There is one on the Westside, on base at Fort Bliss, and near Yarborough Dr. on Gateway West.

The restaurant only has three locations that far Eastsiders had to drive to for grub the restaurant has to offer. But now from the looks of it far Eastsiders won't have to drive so far as before.

There is a new Texas Roadhouse that will be opening soon for those who are closer to Edgemere and Joe Battle. This surely helps Texas Roadhouse fanatics who live further East that complain about the long drive.

Plus, during these times with high gas prices, I am sure gas guzzler drivers are rejoicing about this news. Now there will be a Texas Roadhouse closer to residents near Joe Battle and Horizon.

It is always exciting when a popular restaurant opens somewhere close to your residence. I am sure people in the Horizon area are looking forward to saving some gas when they feel like eating at that restaurant.

When EP Real Estate Insider shared the exciting news some couldn't help but say it is about time like Ricardo Neira. Clearly, the looks from the comments certainly show El Pasoans who live nearby are stoked and can't wait.

While there are some people who barely tried it for the first time earlier this year that you can see from Smo'King BBQ Tips & Recipes YouTube video above. But it is unsure as in knowing the exact time frame it will open for far Eastside residents to enjoy.

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