Question: Can you ever have too many markets? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

El Paso is all about supporting local small businesses and it’s exciting to see so many brand new markets popping up across town and this Summer locals can add another new market to their list of places to go!

The Sun City Dreamer's Market will be heading to Downtown El Paso this coming June and the new market will be spearheaded by two amazing women who have small businesses of their own.

Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market
Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market

“We wanted to create another opportunity in El Paso for small businesses & artists to showcase their work and network in a space that will have fun music and good vibes,” said Jacqueline and Rebecca, creators of The Sun City Dreamer's Market.

Jacqueline is a graphic designer who owns Muchas Flores Studio, a brand that promotes more self-love and positive vibes through stickers, tote bags, prints, & more!

“It’s not easy to go after your dreams of owning your own business but when you have the support of your fellow vendors and artists it makes it a lot easier to get your work out there and grow,” said Jacqueline.

Rebecca is the owner of Beckster’s Boutique, a small jewelry business.

“My grandma always tells me, “nothing worth having comes easy”. By doing this market, we really hope to host more markets for people to come and showcase their work,” said Rebecca.

She enjoys creating very unique and fun polymer clay earrings as well as handmade necklaces which can appeal to anybody and can be a cute addition to any outfit!

Jacqueline and Rebecca hope to bring various types of vendors to their market to give shoppers a chance at shopping for items they can’t get at any regular store!

“We are going to have vendors who sell jewelry, stickers, totes, artwork, plants, crystals, Mexican snacks, candles, etc. We wanted to create a market where everybody can shop and find things they will like,” said Jacqueline.

The Sun City Dreamer's Market will be held inside on the 2nd floor of the Gallery Lofts located at 315 S El Paso St.

Guests will be able to enjoy a photo op area, a curated selection of vendors, awesome decorations, good music and most importantly, a chance to support local small businesses!

Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market
Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market

“By starting this market Rebecca and I hope to create opportunities for small businesses, artists, and especially new businesses to have a space they can have fun in while selling their amazing creations,” said Jacqueline.

The Sun City Dreamer's Market will have its first event on Friday, June 24th. Vendors who want to be a part of the market still have time to apply! Vendor applications will be open until May 6th and vendors can contact Jacqueline or Rebecca through their Instagram page.

Both ladies hope to make this market an ongoing event to allow local small businesses a chance to showcase their work to the El Paso community.

“When I first started doing my small business, it was very hard to try and find a market I wanted to join as I was new to the small business community and did not know where to start. By starting this market, I hope we can help other small business owners who are just starting out by creating a friendly environment where they can come and sell the amazing products that they put so much work into,” said Rebecca.


  • Gallery Lofts: 2nd Floor 315 S. El Paso St.
  • Friday, June 24th
  • 6 pm - 10 pm
Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market
Courtesy: The Sun City Dreamer's Market

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