Antonio Basco, the gentleman who invited the El Paso community to attend his wife’s funeral after the August 3 shooting, has passed away.

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Today Monday, August 16, would have been the 2nd anniversary of the day that Antonio Basco buried his wife; she was one of the 23 victims of the tragic August 3 shooting at Walmart near Cielo Vista.

The El Paso community grieved alongside the victims' families as funerals were held across the city and Ciudad Juárez. There was an overwhelming amount of support for the victims’ families from El Paso and worldwide. Antonio Basco, whose wife had been killed in the massacre and had no family asked the community to help him pay tribute to his wife of 22 years, Margie Reckard.  Over 3,000 people came out to support and paid their respects, while hundreds more attended her funeral the following day.

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Basco passed away over the weekend on Saturday, and according to CBS 4 Perches Funeral Home is trying to contact a guardian to plan his funeral service.

Perches Funeral Home plans to have a Memorial Service to commemorate Basco and his wife, Margie Reckard.

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While the dates and details of services are not available yet, the funeral home invites the community as Basco once did to support him and his late wife. KISS-FM will keep you updated on when the services are announced.

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The Morning of August 3, 2019:

On August 3, 2019, around 10:30 a.m., a lone gunman from Allen, TX, armed with an AK-47, entered Walmart near the Cielo Vista area in East El Paso and opened fire, killing 23 people injuring dozens more. The shooter was arrested without incident on-site and charged with capital murder.

The FBI considers the Walmart shooting as an act of domestic terrorism and hate crime and has officially become one of the nation’s deadliest attacks and shootings on Latinos in modern American history.

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