El Paso is a city filled with many different football fans. As we get closer to the big game, more and more people seem to be showing their Dallas Cowboy pride on social media. From recording dance celebrations after their big win over the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, to people taking celebratory shots. We found one fan who has done something different to show his love for the Cowboys.

According to Twitter User , she believes she has met the biggest Cowboy fan who just so happens to live in El Paso, Texas. His name is Jose Hernandez and he doesn't use social media. That's okay, Jose! Luckily you have friends to brag for you. 

Katherine took to Twitter to share a photo of Jose's backyard, which really impressed her.

Now before you think of some type of hater comment, you have to admit this guy put in some time to make this backyard look pretty good to impress any football fan. Cowboy fan or not, you can appreciate the commitment to his team. Plus, for living in El Paso, he keeps that grass pretty green.

Let's hope Jose doesn't tear those goal posts down if something goes bad for Dem Boyz. Well, how fans are these days, he or his friends might destroy them in a way to show their happiness.

Props to No Social Media Jose for still showing his Cowboy pride without bragging about it on social media. We did it for you. Along with Kathyn.

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