If you grew up in El Paso, Texas then you know what areas are considered "the hood" around the city. Usually what people consider "the hood" where the low-income families could reside.

In my opinion, the hood was usually where you see a big group of neighborhood kids hanging out and playing together. Basically, where the most fun happened.

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Every part of town in El Paso has a particular area that is considered hood. So you can find a hood on the Eastside, Central, Northeast, Lower Valley, and even the Westside.

Well, CharlieBo313 decided to take a cruise showing you what he considers El Paso's worst hoods.

If you were raised in El Paso and heard stories from family members then you should know what parts of El Paso are hood. The adults in the neighborhood would gather to gossip and have a couple of drinks while the kids got into shenanigans.

For example, if you're thinking the Westside isn't hood, you're wrong. There is a particular neighborhood that is considered the hood on the Westside of town. The hood part of the Westside is the neighborhood near Aceitunas Bar near Doniphan Dr. and Thorn Ave.

For a short period of my childhood, I remember growing up in the Chromite Apartments off Doniphan Dr. when I was 9. I do remember the good times I had there with my group of friends who also lived in the same apartments too.

The video above shows what CharlieBo313 believes are the worst hoods in El Paso.

Feel free to share what hood YOU believe is the worst in El Paso below.

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