Since we've all been staying home because of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us have been concentrating on our yards and gardens. Pulling weeds and getting things ready to plant is a lot of work, but so is figuring out which plants will survive on very little rainfall and El Paso's blast furnace heat. I know in the 20 years I've been in my house I've wasted a ton of money on plants I thought were so pretty at the nursery but required an ocean of water and the kind of temperatures you see in Seattle.

If you want to avoid wasting money, water, and your time, you should check out El Paso Water's website for their tips and suggestions on how to go about designing a beautiful yard that is a good fit for the Sun City. You can find landscape designers who can redo your yard and get everything in place so you can just do the upkeep. They have water saving tips that you can use in your garden and your home, but the coolest thing of all is their gallery of gardens.

EP Water has garden design ideas, plant suggestions, and a small space garden feature. The photos are gorgeous and when you move your mouse to boxes in the photos, plant names and tips on how to keep them looking good pop up. I spent about an hour just dreaming about my yard looking as good as the photos and finding out which plants attract hummingbirds and bees, and which plants work best in the full on sun and heat we get all summer.

Click here for the home page of the garden center page from El Paso Water, but I warn you, you'll be exploring and dreaming a beautiful garden for a long time.

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