Have you gotten one of these door hangers at your home? If you have, you should know that they aren't from El Paso Water. The utility posted on their Facebook page that customers have been reporting a water test kit has been left on their homes and it's asking for personal information.

"It was brought to our attention that there is a company going to homes leaving a water test kit and survey hanging on their doors. Please be aware that although El Paso Water does conduct water tests from individual homes, EP Water is NOT associated with this particular test."

The questionnaire asks you to answer questions about the homes water quality and to put a sample of your home's water in the plastic bag, then hang it back on your front door. The fine print says the people behind the water test are not affiliated with any utility.

One person on the El Paso Water Utility Facebook page commented:

"...next thing you know there’s a salesman trying to sell you the best water filtration system in the galaxy. It’s a $1,500 dollar system but we only sell it for $6,500 because it comes with filters. You have to make sure to get your 100lbs of salt per month or the system won’t be able to clean itself.... what a joke."

If you get one of these test kits and want to be called on by a salesman, you can fill out the questionnaire. If you don't, you can always just throw the kit away. El Paso Water does conduct water tests if you call them, but they are not associated with this particular test. You can call (915) 594-5500 for more information.

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