This weekend is going to be brutal. Triple digit temperatures will heat up the city and that makes enjoying the great outdoors tough. You know that you need to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen, but what about your doggo?

Experts say that if you are planning on taking your pup outside, make sure that they are either going to be walking and running on grass, and make sure that the asphalt or concrete they are walking on isn’t too hot for their feet.

KFOX 14 spoke to a veterinarian at the Coronado Animal Clinic who said that the pads on the bottom of dog’s paws can get burned just like the bottom of your feet. If you are wondering if Fido can safely walk on the street or sidewalk, you can test the heat with your own bare feet, or with the back of your hand. If you can’t stand five seconds or more with your bare feet or hand, they neither can your dog.

Keep you and your pup's feet safe and be careful out there in the heat.

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