If you have a child in school, this past year has been a trying one. First there was the never ending spring break that turned into the 'when the school year reopens, will we be going back to class or be stuck at home on a computer' question, and now that we are in the spring and kids are back in class if they want to be or at home if they want to be the latest problem facing families is, how is the STARR test going to be administered?

Doubtful Woman holding Question Mark
William Perugini

In the before COVID-19 pandemic times, the STARR test was administered to students in their schools. There was no need for social distancing or face masking, and turning out for the test could determine if you advanced to the next grade for some grade levels and if you were going to graduate from high school.

Fast forward to the current upside down that we are slogging through and the new rules for this year's STARR test. Unfortunately, Texas students will have to show up in person to take the STAAR test this spring. The Texas Education Agency says that districts can apply for waivers so that they can socially distance test takers. In order to maintain social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols, there will be monitored testing sites that can be in a larger space like a recreation center where test security can also be maintained.

Your high school student will have to show up for the STARR test in person or they might not be able to graduate. If you have a child in a lower grade and they fail the STAAR, they will be able to go on to the next grade this year. Click here for further information regarding the STARR test for 2021.

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