Earlier this week, El Paso social media went bananas after a photo of an El Paso Police Department cop car was posted online. Now, usually a photo of a cop car isn't going to gain too much interest online, but it was where this cop car ended up after crashing that made it the butt of a lot of jokes.

The police cruiser ended up at the front door of a church in Central El Paso.

Apparently, according to a Police Department spokesman, the officer was just minding his business, doing his job, when out of nowhere, a "non-contact" vehicle caused him to swerve to avoid a collision, and lo and behold, the police cruiser ended up going up some stairs and crashin into the La Paz Faith church on Piedras.

You can only imagine the reactions of people online. The obvious one was "Jesus Take The Wheel", but we used our text-to-speech app to read some of the other funny reactions to this poor cop's predicament.

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