A polling firm told the country what we here at KISS FM already knew – El Pasoans are really charitable. The Barna Group wanted to help the world remember "the reality of human kindness", and came up with the top 50 most generous cities in America.

Cities were ranked by the percentage of residents who reported donating money to charity, including to religious groups and churches. El Paso and Las Cruces came in with 92 percent of people polled saying they had donated to charity. El Paso and Las Cruces were followed by Lexington, Kentucky (91 percent), Memphis, Tennessee (90 percent), Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia (90 percent), and Milwaukee (89 percent).

Being a very Catholic town, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of the charitable giving in El Paso was done at churches.

Here at KISS FM, we know how charitable our listeners are because you always come through for hundreds of needy kids when we hold our Easter Basket drive, and then give generously during Mike and Tricia’s Annual Stuff the Bus School Supply Drive.

We thank you so much for all your help in giving a hand to needy El Pasoans throughout the year. We are so blessed to have such amazing listeners!