It is going to cost you more to cross the Stanton and Ysleta bridges.

The City of El Paso raised the bridge tolls for motorists, and commercial and non-commercial vehicles by $.50 crossing into Juarez at the Stanton and Ysleta Ports of Entry. The change took place on Friday, September 1.

If you are paying with cash, you will be charged the additional fifty cents. If you are paying the bridge toll through the Automatic Vehicle Identification label program, you won't be charged the additional amount. Pedestrian bridge tolls did not change.

An official with the City's International Bridges Department said they want motorists to use the Automatic Vehicle Identification label program to help traffic move more efficiently and they are hoping that motorists will use the program if they know they will have to pay more if they don't. The City says cash transactions slow down bridge lines, so they want to make it more attractive to sign up for the label progam.

You can sign up for the Automatic Vehicle Identification label program at the Toll Plaza Office at the Ysleta port of entry. You can also go to or call (915) 212-7540.

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